Move In & Out Cleaning in Scranton, Pa

Clean Your Home After You Move In / Out

Cleaning the house is a crucial part of the moving process and will take a significant portion of your schedule.

Whether you are moving in or moving out, we make it our business to make the process easier for everybody involved, with the most affordable price possible. If you’re moving in, we’ll ensure the house is clean before putting your furniture in, and if you are moving out, it’s important to leave the house clean for the next homeowners.

A Tailored Approach

At Perfection Cleaning Services, LLC, we make sure to fit our services to every client’s needs, just let us know if there is anything specific we should take care of in the move in/ out cleaning process and we’ll get it done.

New Home

A new home means a new start, and walking into a clean living area is exactly what you need to feel at ease and relaxed. By hiring Perfection Cleaning Services, LLC, you can expect the cleaning to be done quickly as you pack your moving truck so that when you arrive, you’ll be welcomed with a clean home and a fresh smell.

Rental Properties

It is essential to clean your old apartment after moving out, especially if you want to get your security deposit back, however, the moving process is already hard enough without counting the cleaning, but don’t worry, Perfection Cleaning Services, LLC is here to help. We’ll do our job and transform your old apartment into a brand new one.

Property Owners

Whether you’re showing a new home or cleaning up before a new tenant moves in, a clean and sparkly environment along with a fresh smell will surely make your house more appealing to visitors or new homeowners.

The Best Plan To Get The Job Done

Before we start the cleaning, it is fundamental to sit down and visualize a plan that gets the job done perfectly and within the time and budget. You could need a partial clean, like the inside of stoves, hard-to-reach spots, or other detailed cleaning you may need help with, we can fulfill those tasks easily! Want us to go the extra mile? Let us take the lead and wax all the floors and windows in your new home, you’ll certainly be impressed.