Construction Cleanup in Scranton, Pa

Processional Cleaning After Construction

Renovating is a great way to bring some new changes to your house, but the demolition and installation process can be messy, and will necessarily need a post-construction cleaning to get rid of all materials and dust left on the construction site.

With Perfection Cleaning Services, LLC post-construction cleaning services, we make sure to get your house back the way it was, so you can enjoy your beautiful renovation.

Tackling the Toughest Jobs

We’ve coped with everything. Renovations where builders left behind minimal harm like dust or paint, and those who left dangerous bits and pieces anywhere, including glue stains and a ton of sawdust!

We offer multi-phase cleaning of your renovated home, so we can get through every little detail, from eliminating paint and glue staining to scrubbing windows or freeing your tiles and grout out of grime. We can guarantee that when we are through, you’d never even know there was a mess, to begin with.

Your Go-To For Construction Site Cleaning Services

We have been the go-to post-construction cleaning company in Scranton, PA for years, and we are always happy to welcome new customers. Earned by 100% client satisfaction, our free estimates, competitive rates, and time-efficient completion of each cleaning job, we’re at the very top of the game.

We'll Help You Plan Ahead

The renovation process is already complicated enough, and having to deal with the cleanup too can be a disaster, let Perfection Cleaning Services, LLC handle that for you, give us a call and we’ll be right with you to provide a free quote for our cleaning services!

Keep in mind that we don’t charge for cancellations, we understand that the construction schedules aren’t always set in stone.