Cleaning Services in Scranton, Pa

Professional Cleaning

Are you looking for the best Scranton, PA housekeeper and cleaning services? Look no further, Perfection Cleaning Services, LLC is here to answer your demands. Our team is professional and passionate, and ready to provide perfect cleaning services that will leave you in awe.

Is your home in need of cleaning services, but you are way too busy to handle it on your own, or maybe you suffer from some allergies that require you to live in an impeccably clean environment? Perfection Cleaning Services, LLC can take that weight off your shoulders. We provide all types of house cleanings, from a regular weekly service to a one-time deep cleaning, we’ll get it done perfectly.

Perfection Cleaning Services, LLC can handle carpet cleaning too! No matter how grimy your carpet it is, we’ll transform it into a brand new one. Our team has many years of experience in carpet cleaning services, they know special tricks that get the work done, so you and your family or employees can enjoy a sanitary, healthy space.

Dirty grout and discolored tiles can be hard to get rid of, they require special cleaning methods, which is exactly what we’re good at. Our tile and grout cleaning services are one of the best, we guarantee you a perfectly clean floor that will blow your mind.